Dependable and for granted…

Today I have read an opinion article in DataNews (see: article) by Bruno Segers (former microsoft, later RealDolmen…). In his opinion ¬†piece he lectured about the relation between business and ict. Baseline: IT-peeps don’t know enough about how business is conducted and business peeps are still too much in the dark when it comes to IT.

My ideal of ICT is far from happening, a world where information technology is as dependable as electricity, plumbing and cars. What bothered me a bit is that in the end the entire article was actually no more than DataNews giving realDolmen a platform to accentuate their latest advertisement campaign… ICT does not work…. without vision on business. My hopes for an independent press, once again dwindled.

The fact remains that there is still a lot of truth in the slogan. When I left school with a degree in applied computer science, -more than 10 years ago- all I heard during my education was “keep an open mind towards business. Information Technology is about the business, not about the technology.” It’s about people’s information need that is born from the use they have for it to get the job done. This means that each and every IT – project should have a foundation in business logic and business processes. ¬†Failing that, a project manager plans to fail.

If mr Segers is right, -and I do not say that he is not-, we have not made much progress in the past 10 years. There is still a lot to do, both in non-IT as in IT related curricula. I do not have a solution, I along with many of my collegues, suffer daily from this “digital gap” between business and IT. It is a challenge placed before us all to close this gap. From the ground up we must build an interest for IT in business minded people and we the techies should show an interest in how business is conducted.

It will enable us all to deliver working solutions, that are dependable, robust, and after a while, are taken for granted, because…. IT just works.

Stay Secure!