New year's resolutions…

Dear readers,

At the beginning of a new year it is customary to let shine a light on what your plans are for the near future, what your hopes and aspirations are for the coming year, and how you will be going about accomplishing those goals.

When setting ones goals it is important that you set realistic ones. Realistic in this case means, practically manageable. Setting a goal you obviously will never achieve, is a no-go.

For me, that means I’ll be trying to learn as much as I can on several fields in the wonderful world of information security. Also, I would like to read more books, both as a passtime as in a professional capacity. Learning from more knowledgeable peers – there is a plethora of those out there- is also one of my ambitions.

Last but not least, I would like to write more about it on this here blog, so that you all can read about it. I hope to pick the more interesting subjects and present them to you in a clear and simple manner.

Let me conclude this post by whishing all of you a very nice 2010. That this year will find you in good health, so that you’ll have the energy and passion to fullfil your dreams and hopes.

Stay Secure and keep well!