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On this page you might find some stories about my characters in Azeroth, Gultruk & Hultruk.

Should anything interesting happen to them, or they discover a trick or tip, worthy of sharing, you’ll find it here.

Also check out the links section; You will find several references to site that cover aspects of this wonderful MMORPG.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

Gultruk, our hunter participated in a guild raid of The Eye. The omens were pritty dreadful: one of the raiders accidently pulled the complete initial encounter (6 foes of which 3 AoE casters) whilst the raid was in the middle of preparing buffs, tables & healthstones… The future looked grim.
However, the first few battles went smootly -no wipes and little casualties- and soon we arrived at Al’ar, pet phoenix of Kael’thas Sunstrider.


And then wipe-fest began…

The encounter is composed out of  2 phases.  In the first phase the Phoenix moves from platform to platform, on each of which is posted a tank.  All went well, 1 of the tanks suddenly passed away… wipe 1.  But our guild is a persistent lot, so we resurrected and went back for a retry only to wipe again. The same process repeated several times, people were starting to yap at each other, and whine about the failures, without actually looking at the picture as a whole.

For brevity’s sake, after a full 3 hours of reruns, we got to phase 2 of the encounter only to wipe once more.  In this phase the phoenix comes down to ground level to shoot hatchlings from its flamy body, that need to be killed asap, because they wreak havoc amongst the raid.

Considering that several of our guild were first timers to the encounter, we did pretty well in phase one. But still our tactics were flawed.  Personally I had read up on several guides for killing this boss.  The most Ilustrative I found was at Raidguru’s site.  A link to his guide on The Eye can be found here.

My suggestion?  Read up before you raid.  And ask experienced players if what you’ve found on the net as tactics is still valid.  Once it all adds up, stick to the tactic, and more importantly stick to your appointed tasks in the raid.

At least we had some fun, -at least I had- can’t wait to bring the mythical bird down.

Notorious goes Mount Hyjal….

Well, tonight I went raiding Mount Hyjal with our guild.  As a first timer to this instance I did ok. I was hoping for Bracers of the Pathfinder to drop but alas, deadly cuffs was looted instead.  Grats to the rogue that got it eventually.  Also someone was made very happy with Stillwater Boots. At least I had a lot of fun and 2 badges of justice out of it.


We did wipe on several occassions during the 8 preceeding waves of your every-day mixture of undead scum.  But hey, (repeat after me) the raider does not get discouraged by wipes, it fires him up to do better next time. And since we are resurrectable in WoW, that next time is almost guaranteed.

Sadly our main tank then suffered severe connection problems, which he could not solve.  No replacement was found and we called it a day.

So, our guild and in particular yours truely’s Beastmaster is now at 1/5 MH! Wooza…

/well done Notorious

Let the games continue…

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